Police negotiating with Cuppy, the housecat who had had enough.
(Screencaps via ABC News 10)

Housecats. They cuddle up against us for warmth, mewl at us for food, purr at our touch. But do we really know them? When you look into your cat's eyes, do you see warmth and empathy, or darkness and a thirst for blood?

With the domestication of the housecat, did we simply populate our homes with time-bombs waiting to detonate?

One police standoff in Chula Vista, CA would indicate the answer is yes.

"He's vocal, and claws, and just a ball of fury," a neighbor speaking to ABC 10 said of Cuppy, the housecat that held his owners hostage in a bedroom for hours before the police arrived to confront the pet and hear his demands.

Sources: ABC News 10