Baking is hate made visible. (Via Getty Images)

Anyone who has been following the Wasp lifestyle feud between Grand Damme ex-con Martha Stewart and homemaker wanna-be Gwyneth Paltrow surely recalls the six-page spread of Thanksgiving pies Martha put in her magazine titled "Conscious Coupling."

The homage to Paltrow and her now ex-husband Chris Martin's eye-roll-worthy divorce announcement (their "conscious uncoupling," like anyone could forget. Eyeroll. Barf.) was the most recent in a series of mostly unprovoked attacks Stewart has made against Paltrow. I say unprovoked because, while Martha seems worried that Gwyn is horning in on her lifestyle brand, Paltrow's non-stop juice fasts and articles about "finding the right curling iron for your hair" is nowhere near the breadth and scope of Martha's well-cultivated recipes and impossible crafts.

Sources: h/t Gawker