A top FIFA official quoting an 'Onion' story is the push America needs to finally pay attention to professional soccer.

Hot off the printer that's sitting right behind him. (via YouTube)

The recent FIFA scandal is the most interested the US has ever been in soccer. Fifteen FIFA officials were arrested for corruption charges for receiving over $150 million in bribes. One of the men indicted was Jack Warner, the former VP of FIFA. Warner released a video defending himself against the charges, and he made a classic social-media-rookie move: citing an Onion story. At this point, the satirical news site is probably more famous for being quoted as fact than it is for being humorous.

Warner quoted the article titled "FIFA Frantically Announces 2015 Summer World Cup In United States" as a reference that the corruption charges are part of a conspiracy. The fake article is about FIFA allowing the World Cup to occur in America, with only one day to plan the entire event. The fact that Warner thought this story was real makes me question how much he knows about FIFA, or even the world in general. The real question is, how can someone this out of touch be involved in a multi-million dollar bribe scandal?

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