Those grass stains are never going to come out.

This video selfie is a delightful juxtaposition of calm and chaos. In the background, we have a bunch of LSU frat pledges engaging in a sloppy 6-on-1 fight (7-on-1? 12-on-1?) with some poor guy in a purple shirt. In the foreground, we have a man capturing it all in a selfie, with his beatific smile sitting in judgment over the fracas. 

The clip blew up on reddit over the weekend where it was posted under the title, "When White People Fight." One commenter, redditor Fantastic, offered the following insight into what went down:

This is on the parade grounds at LSU at a tailgate before the ULM game this weekend. The parade grounds are the spot where all the fraternities set up their tailgates and it appears one house's pledges (the kids dressed nicely) had a problem with someone.

I don't know how drunk or naive the guy in purple was to think he could pick a fight with one pledge in front of all his brothers and not expect it to turn out that way...

Maybe he thought there's no way they'll want to mess up their fancy dress whites?

What's really surprising here is what pledging a fraternity amounts to these days. Hazing has gotten so tame that frats are reduced to making pledges suffer the humiliation of wearing white after Labor Day.

(by Bob Powers)