5. The ten Long Island postal workers who were caught sleeping on the job.

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I'm counting these ten fired postal workers as one because, collectively, these USPS mechanics barely did the work of a single person. Not to say they didn't work hard, they just didn't work hard at fixing postal trucks, which is what they were being paid to do during the graveyard shift hours of 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Instead, they focused their efforts on an elaborate scheme to get in as much shut-eye as possible. According the the NY Daily News the snoozing crew "covered windows with cardboard, locked gates with chains they brought from home and even hung a baby monitor nearby." After a good night's sleep, they would then send un-repaired, potentially unsafe vehicles back on the road. After receiving an anonymous tip, agents delivered an early morning wake-up call last week and the entire crew were fired.