Foo times two.

It's no secret that Foo Fighters have been playing secret gigs lately under the name The Holy Shits. So when the terribly kept secret got out that the Holy Shits were playing a Brighton, UK club, tickets went pretty quickly. Especially since they were playing a venue so small, it'd be better suited for a gig by a Foo Fighters cover band. Fans who packed into the Concorde 2 last night got to see both.

At one point in the show, Grohl mentioned feeling intimidated because members of the UK Foo Fighters were in attendance, saying, "We don’t wanna shit the bed in front of the U.K. Foo Fighters. They’ll be like, ‘That’s not how it goes.'” That might have stood as the highlight of the cover band's singer's life--and probably was--until a little while later, when Grohl invited him onstage with, "Ladies and gentlemen, me!"

Sources: Uproxx