Giving gifts is for the birds.

Gabi returning from her daily bird visit. (via BBC)


8-year-old Gabi Mann has a remarkable relationship with the crows that hang out in her garden. Every day she feeds them some peanuts or dog food, and in return, they regularly bring her presents.

Gabi keeps her collection of odd charms, pieces of metal, and broken glass in a bead storage container, and showed it to BBC writer and co-host of "The BitterSweet Life" podcast, Katy Sewall.

If you ever lose your engagement ring, check the bird bath.
(via Katy Sweall/BBC)

As Sewall writes for her article in the BBC, Gabi held up her favorite gift, a heart-shaped pear charm, and said, "It's showing me how much they love me."

I wouldn't believe this for a second, except that she has proof.

The whole thing started when Gabi was 4 years old, and would accidentally drop food that was picked up by appreciative birds, who learned to hang around her. As she grew older, the food dropping became intentional, and eventually became a ritual that Gabi engaged in with her mom, Lisa. The two make sure to keep the bird bath fresh, and leave peanuts around the side.

As soon as the birds realized that these free meals were a regular thing, they started bringing the gifts.

They would empty the birdbath tray of the food, and in its place leave "anything shiny and small enough to fit in a crow's mouth."

Who else but a bird would think a rusty screw or a brown piece of glass was a present? But just to be sure, Lisa, Gabi's mom, set up a secret bird-cam to watch was what was happening.

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