Should never have taken it off its leash. (via SaenzSigns)

If you've been walking around New York City lately, you may have noticed some unusual "Lost" and "Free" posters on telephone poles, the sides of buildings, and even the ground. 

(via SaenzSigns)

(via SaenzSigns)

Instead of letting you know about a missing pet or piece of jewelry, one of these signs reports the loss of a "Set of House Keys" with an exact address and the time the owner is usually out. A "Wanted" sign specifies that a band's desired prog rock drummer must be able to play "Boom Tis Tis Boom Tis Tis Boom," "Ticka Tocka Ticka Tocka" and "Da dum da dum dum dum da dum." 

Sources: #SaenzSigns | @jasonsaenz