Who knew the French cared so much about fashion?

French bus drivers in Marseilles are threatening a one-day walkout over their new uniform's tight pants, which make them look like some kind of L-train-riding, clove-smoking millenials who think jeans should fit like body paint and that collecting wild ramps is a job. Well, those weren't their words exactly. The drivers actually complained that the new pants make them look like they work for "Speedy," a car-repair company that sounds like it was made up for a car-repair-based pornographic film.

While obviously we're in favor of people striking at the drop of a trou', we were pretty persuaded by the argument of the new uniform's designer. In the Frenchest response ever to claims that his pants made people look like clowns, he said: "That was already the case with the old outfits." Then, with a puff of his cigarette and a strum of a nearby accordion, he sauntered off into the Marseilles night.

Sources: MSN Now