Come on in and pee on a stick! (via Trip Advisor)

If you are in Alaska and don't know if your uterus is occupied, go to the bar. They're giving out free pregnancy tests now. 


Alaska has the highest rate of fetal alcohol syndrome in the country, so, as part of a state-funded effort by the University of Alaska, they are installing pregnancy test dispensers in bars in hopes of preventing this preventable disease. 

The program, which has already been tried in Minnesota, which is intended to improve the lives of the unborn, was designed by Healthy Brains for Children, which sounds like it was formed by the undead. They are not, however, a proactive group for zombie moms, but rather an organization dedicated to increasing awareness of fetal alcohol syndrome and helping to prevent it.

ABC news reports that Jody Allen Crowe, founder of Healthy Brains, says that the program isn't meant for alcoholics. According to Crowe, "Right now 50 percent of pregnancies across the nation are unexpected. This is really focusing on women who are casual drinkers, people who would never drink if they knew they were pregnant."

Let's say it's for casual drinkers and/or casual mothers. 

Obviously this program has the best of intentions, though I'm not sure a long wait during happy hour is the way I'd want to find out I was creating a human life. Still, better to know than to not.