Contortionist Nokulunga Buthelezi easily performs moves that, for most of us, would result in stupid large hospital bills.

Here's something to aspire to for today's Friday Dance Party — the insane contortionist moves of "Snake Woman" Nokulunga Buthelezi.

Pretty much everything she does other than standing looks impossible. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Buthelezi says that her extreme flexibility was apparent from a very young age, and that even when she was in her crib, "I slept with my legs behind my head and my hands behind my back." In another interview with London's Five News, Buthelezi mentions that contortionism runs in her family: Her great-grandmother could pull "hella sick moves" too (my paraphrase).

So, unfortunately, most of us probably won't be able to stretch our way to contortionist careers — but hey, we can always hold out for getting hit by gamma rays or nuclear waste to give us superhero-level flexibility. Or we can train to tap dance like priests, at least.

Sources: Weird Universe | h/t BoingBoing