Woman cheerfully documents her frostbite treatment after a wild night that left her passed out in the cold.

Woman cheerfully documents her frostbite treatment after a wild night that left her passed out in the cold.

Warning: these photos cannot be unseen.


Pre-disaster selfie. (via Imgur)

Australian Imgur user TheBassistMuse was having an exciting world tour of exotic places but still ended up in Canada. She met some friends, got blackout drunk and fell asleep somewhere outdoors in Saskatchewan. Australians being unaccustomed to the seriousness of the bitter cold and drunk people being idiots, she was discovered too late to prevent a terrible case of frostbite in her hands. But don't worry, she has a real sense of humor about it.

She writes in this Imgur post:

Now don't mistake for this for a sob story, theres no complaining here. Just pure unadulterated idiocy.


Here's her hand at the early stage of thaw. Just looks like a bruise, no biggie! (via Imgur)


Wait, what's this then? (via Imgur)


Oh my god. OH MY GOD. (via Imgur)



Frostbite is kind of like a burn. The cold kills your skin on a cellular level and the regeneration is what's happening in all that swelling and pus. As anyone who's burned themselves can attest, it's quite painful, so it's impressive that this Aussie was able to keep her spirits up (morphine probably helped). And there's this:

While in a flurry of nurses and bandages and medication i was given time with the local specialist called... Wait for it.... Dr. Freezin!!! I know! My injury has its own pun! When people say theres a silver lining to every situation they are right. And its usually a pun.

Dr. Frieson (actual spelling) drained her blisters and the prognosis is fairly good. There's a chance she may still lose a finger, but she has an upbeat perspective on that, too:

Dr.F said ill probably keep all of my fingers. The only ones to worry about is my left pinky and right middle fingertip. I won't find out until June. If i lose them i wanna make a sweet custom made prosthetic. Just like Margot Tennenbaum in The Royal Tennebaums. Fuck yeah.


Her hand is actually hurting less in this photo. (via Imgur)

Respect nature, guys, and also employ a buddy system at the bar so no one runs like a drunken madman into the night. That's why women go to the bathroom in pairs!