Listen, don't get me wrong. Big boobies are a gift to this world, maybe one of the nicest things to exist. However having them isn't always a walk in the park. There are certain problems every single girl with big ole tiddies has experienced and (breast reduction aside) will forever experience.

1. These feels:

2. Not being able to find a cute bra anywhere:


3. This. THIS!

4. Your boobies stay trying to escape your tanks:

5. The horror that is THE QUADRABOOB:

6. This makes you laugh:


7. Yoga always goes something like this:

Working on modified plow pose in yoga home practice. Mouth breathing not an option.

8. Crop tops are generally not an option:

9. And the seams. The seams!!!

I hate these seams that are meant to be below your boobs

10. Knowing better than to order a seemingly demure dress online but still falling for that trap:


11. Sometimes you just can't wear things you want to wear:

12. It isn't that unusual to find baby animals in your ginormous cups:

...or adult animals.

13. This inevitable catch-22:


14. Dropping sharp objects into the crevice:

15. You'd probably follow Pennywise into a sewer for this:

16. You both appreciate and sympathize with this tattoo:

17. This accurately summarizes what jogging is like for you:


18. And you are more than familiar with being "impaled":

19. Finally coming to terms with this:

20. No trip to the beach is complete without digging boob holes:

I do this every time...

21. Having to hear this unasked for comment:


22. This comic really speaks to your soul:

23. Lying on your back is a cool and fun activity:

24. This is the bane of your existence:

25. You're tired of apologizing!

We shall not apologize for our awesomeness!!


26. Sometimes it really does feel like you're damned if you do and damned if you don't:

27. But you've learned to love it anyhow :)

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