At least she still got $1.85.

Warning: Miss Kitty's diamond is a a drawing and you cannot win it. (via Marchin Wichary)

87-year-old Pauline McKee was enjoying herself at a 2011 family reunion at the Isle Hotel Casino in Waterloo, Iowa, when her Miss Kitty slot machine gave her a staggering payout of $41.8 million. Instead of taking that money to the roulette table to try and double it, like any responsible gambler would have, McKee and her daughter foolishly tried to cash out.

Casinos, however, are not in the habit of honoring $41.8 million slot receipts without a fight. Specifically, a fight over the fact that there is no way in heck Miss Kitty even had millions of dollars to give out. The casino's case rested on two pretty strong arguments: 1.) There's a sign reading "MALFUNCTION VOIDS ALL PAYS AND PLAYS" on the machine, and 2.) The machine's maximum payout (printed in the user agreement) was $10,000. It would seem, then, that anything over ten grand would bring the malfunction clause into effect.

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