After one wrong guess, this episode of "Password" completely unraveled.

Bloopers are basically the reason game shows were invented. None of these shows is ever as entertaining when everything is going as planned. Just today we reported on a particularly great example from The Price Is Right. You have to throw a monkey wrench into the works to get the real entertainment value out of it. Perhaps the best example is Wheel of Fortune, but Password is no slouch either. Now that the show has been brought back for YouTube by Buzzr, we have an opportunity for all new bloopers, like this gem.

This barely even qualifies as a blooper. It's more like a meltdown. The show goes off the rails and stays there for three solid minutes. That has to be a record. Host Steve Zaragoza couldn't even get it back on track before the end of the episode, not that he would have wanted to. This is probably the best publicity the show will ever get, and we owe it all to terrible guessing.

Sources: Buzzr