The 8 personality types, according to what kind of games you play.

The 8 personality types, according to what kind of games you play.

Yes, these are hard and fast rules that totally define you.*

I don't play video games as much as I used to, but my tastes have remained startlingly similar from my first Nintendo in 1990 to today. I've thought a lot about what these say about me (I'm defensive. I like online games but refuse to actually engage with other people. I enjoy tedious tasks, but I'm also awesome at barrel rolls) but I didn't know that other people were thinking similar things. According to the PBS Game/Show (and academics), people can be broken down into 8 groups, based on the "types of fun" they seek out in video games (and board games).

1. High-Fidelity Gamer

You enjoy sensory overload. From tactile board games to the heart-pounding foot-pounding of Dance Dance revolution to extreme beauty in games, you demand maximum stimulation piped directly into your nervous system.

2. Fantasy Gamer

No one can tell you that you're a loser because you're an industrial titan in Eve: Online but a burger-slinger in the "real" world. Cyberspace and your accomplishments within are totally real and valid, because if other people agree a place exists (you know, like how we all agree "America" is real), then it really does.

3. Storyteller

This is pretty straightforward: do you play for the plot? Did you cry when Aeris died? Did you actually finish Heavy Rain? You enjoy stepping into a protagonist's shoes as they follow complex, fulfilling narratives.


4. Challenger

In the word of Charlie Sheen: Winning. That's what it's all about to you, and the harder it is to do so, the better. You like playing against other humans, or against the hardest A.I. games have to offer (looking at you, Dark Souls).

5. Social Butterfly

You actually enjoy other people. You enjoy talking to them and coordinating with them, sometimes more than the game itself. This is weird to me, but the popularity of online games tells me that you're actually extremely normal. Please invite me to join your guild. Just don't expect me to talk back.

6. Explorer

You are probably not a Social Butterfly. You're like me: striking out on your own, the self-reliant digital individual. The rugged avatar. You and your digital bow against digital nature (or techno-maze). You would probably do this in the real world if it still had areas to explore. Or if I was in shape.


7. Self-Expressive Type

Have you ever bought a video game and spent more time customizing your character than you actually did playing? Do you have a MyIdol? Did you make a whole Sims family that looked like your friends, and made sure your character always had the best clothes? You just gotta do you.

8. Submissive Gamer

As negative as that title might seem, it just means that you don't seek out particular games, but when a game you like finds you, you embrace it fully and finish the living crap out of it. You are the person keeping the lights on over at Zynga and the other addictive-game companies. You also probably actually beat Myst and a bunch of other games that would make me jealous.


Obviously, most people are a mix of these traits. What are you like? I'm definitely a Fantasy Explorer who enjoys some solid Storytelling. It seems to me that this somewhat leaves out aspects of my personality, like how I enjoy playing games where you're supposed to build an army and conquer your enemies, but I insist on just building defensive turrets for the enemy to smash itself upon for hours on end. Did I mention that I'm not a social gamer?

*If you bought that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.