Stick 'em wherever you want, bro.

This commercial for the non-existent Manpons very cleverly lampoons the tone of advertisements for men's products. If this were an ordinary tampon ad...well, first of all you wouldn't see the product. It's just too clear where it's gonna go. Instead, you get lots of shots of women jumping into pools and wearing mini-skirts while dancing.

Here we just get STRAIGHT MACHISMO. Also, a detailed explanation of the mechanics behind Manpon technology. Here are some of the diagrams:

Ooooh, kevlar, that's what police wear.

To keep a volcano of testosterone at magma's boiling point. Geology is manly as helllllllll.


It's surprising that this sketch isn't actually written by a sketch comedy group, but by a non-profit called Water Aid. Water Aid works to bring clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education to places where those things are scarce. So, uhh, what's the connection? Well, they wanted to raise awareness about the fact that 1.25 billion women do not have access to toilets during their periods.

If you've never had your period, you might not understand how awful that is. Considering who makes most of the political decisions still, imagining how the world would be different if men got their periods is a good exercise. Dudes wouldn't just be packing Manpax. They'd understand the urgency of these women's situations. Getting your period isn't for wimps.

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