A restaurant posted a very gross anti-trans Instagram photo referencing Caitlyn Jenner.

A restaurant posted a very gross anti-trans Instagram photo referencing Caitlyn Jenner.

Another day, another idiot who doesn't realize times have changed.


If you still haven't seen this picture, I don't know how to help you. (via Vanity Fair)

This story reminded me of being a kid and watching Ace Ventura: Pet Detective with my fourth grade class. In it, Jim Carey's character makes out with his female superior officer. The story culminates with discovering the woman he's had this intense sexual chemistry with was born a man. Carey sobs in the shower, trying to burn the memory of kissing this person off him. Eventually, he exposes her genitals to the entire police force and they all start spitting on the ground, the implication being that they too have kissed her and are now disgusted by themselves and her.

Kinda crazy we watched that, huh? I hadn't thought about it in a long time, but Toronto restaurant El Furniture Warehouse brought back my intense discomfort with that scene and the shaming of that woman, when they posted this:


26 people liked this. (via Instagram)

The photo is a screenshot of that woman's back, from Ace Ventura, the implication being that's her dick bunched up in her underwear, and that's how it was with Caitlyn Jenner during her famous photo shoot for Vanity Fair. Again, we watched this as children. At the time, I was very aware of gay and lesbian issues, because many members of my family are out and proud. I saw Ace's total rejection and horror as being incredibly homophobic. Men kiss all the time and no one should be scalding their skin off in the shower over it.


I understand better now that what I was seeing was transphobia, the twin phobia of homophobia. It seems like people are obsessed with genitals? In real life, unless someone is your consenting sexual partner, what they're packing is none of your goddamned business. If we all had to pass genital checks to accept each other's gender identity, life would be a bureaucratic nightmare of dropping trou. If someone says they're a woman, accept that at face value and move on with your own stupid life.

The post was quickly deleted, but Instagram user @chegrantsoto got a screenshot. That's when things got weird, instead of just gross:



This is what's called adding fuel to fire. (via BuzzFeed)

The restaurant started posting on the screenshot, claiming it was a fake, then semi-admitting it wasn't. Whatever is going on, the social media director of El Furniture Warehouse seems like a real asshat. Who are you again, indeed.

Someone must have realized the magnitude of the shit storm brewing, because partner Sean Young took the reins and released this statement:

After looking into the situation, it was a repost from a popular edgy IG account, and it was actually taken down within an hour of posting, as it was in my opinion poor taste, and the imagery was also a bit much, even for our account, which is known to be slightly edgy. I spoke to the IG team and have implemented a process where all posts will be vetted before being posted.
I can assure you that the post does not represent any of the views of our staff, as we accept EVERYONE with open arms, and take pride in our diversity, whether it be race, sexual orientation, or religious views. That's exactly what makes us special.

Edgy! He also posted these to his private account:



I think you mean Caitlyn, buddy. (via BuzzFeed)