Ashley Stevens told the Internet off for making fun of her boyfriend's looks in this photo.

No word on why Daniel Craig was there, or why he's so peeved. (via Imgur)

Stevens and her boyfriend Christopher Reed attended a wedding, and a friend posted a picture on Reddit of the couple (above). Then, as they are wont to do, thousands of strangers commented on the photo, mocking Reed for being overweight, and for allegedly being not good-looking enough for Stevens. Stevens called foul.

The Internet was not kind to the couple, who have been dating since they met at Columbus State University two years ago. Comment after comment appeared, making fun of Reed for not being a skinny dude with super-hard abs or whatever. A few particularly delightful individuals suggested that Reed's appearance indicated that he had Down's Syndrome. (Way to also be dicks about people with Down's Syndrome, Internet commenters.)

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