Is 2015 the year that essay contests will put real estate brokers out of business?

(via Humble Heart Farms)

Once again, someone is giving away their charming rustic property to an industrious person who writes the best 200-word essay and desperately wants to ditch his or her entire life. Just like that woman trying to unload her Maine Inn, Paul and Leslie Spell will use a writing contest to choose a new owner for their northern Alabama farm in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Competing essays are due by October 1st along with a $150 fee. The Spells are expecting 2,500 entries, so if my laptop calculator multiplication is correct, they should make $375,000. Wow, my eyeballs just turned into dollar signs, and now I'm rapidly brainstorming essay contest schemes while a cash register sound effect repeats through my brain.

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