Richard Overton has been working his way towards this party pun for over a hundred years.

Cake me away. (via KVUE)

Frankly, after a hundred years, you'd think a man would be done with birthday celebrations of all kind. Not because they're not worth celebrating, but because how do you keep coming up with ideas?

Well, Mr. Overton is not lacking in longevity or imagination. This year he threw himself a "Mighty Fine at 109" party. HE IS A DELIGHT. If you're just learning about Richard Overton, you are in for a treat. He's America's oldest living WWII veteran, and at 109 he has gained quite a bit of notoriety. He's lived in his home in Austin since he returned form the war and purchased it for $4,000. He regularly leads the Veteran's Day parade, and this year he got a birthday card from President Obama. Thanks, Obama!

Sources: KVUE | h/t Gawker