It's like Warhol said: in the future, every truck driver will save someone from a burning building and get 15 minutes on national television.

Viral videos are usually about cute babies, cute animals, or adult humans enduring accidental embarrassment. Every once in a while, however, one comes along that becomes famous for a much better reason: people are actually capable of being really good. Regular guy Tom Artiaga is one of those really good people. A truck driver by profession, Tom was trying to earn some extra income in the area doing a side job when he came across a burning building. If you haven't already seen the video of his actions, I won't spoil any more for you, but Jimmy Kimmel lured Artiaga and his media-shy wife to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live afterwards by offering them tickets, but not telling them they would be featured on the show. Check out what happens next:

Sources: Jimmy Kimmel Live