How do you know you've made it as an actor? When you can make a bunch of flops and people somehow keep giving you movies.

Oh, you were all once so innocent and not-shitty.
(via Movie CLIP and Paramount Movies on YouTube)

Terrible actors aren't born. Well, some of them are. But some of them are made terrible by being great actors who, over time, slide into a lukewarm bath of crapocity. Here are 10 now-sucky actors who used to be great, and the films currently streaming on Netflix that will remind you of how awesome they once were.

1. Adam Sandler

For many of us who were born in the 80s, Sandler's films are hard-wired into our brains — a sure way to break the tension with any stranger is to quote pretty much anything from Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore in Sandler's voice. ("Stop looking at me, schwwwwwan!" See? Now we're friends.) Sandler was even successful at moving into drama in PT Anderson's Punch Drunk Love. But Sandler has jumped into a big ball pit of mediocrity* over the last 10 or so years, making crap piles like Blended and Jack and Jill (which scored a flabbergasting 3% on Rotten Tomatoes — I'm pretty sure if you redubbed the entire film with absolute nonsense words, it would score higher). Sandler has even admitted that he now chooses films based on whether or not they film somewhere that would be nice to visit.