Six proud "eye-douches."

In this immensely satisfying Daily Show segment from Jason Jones, one of the Google Glass wearers says we all are "going to be wearing these things probably in a year." If humanity continues to go the way it's been going over the past five years (ie. into hell's filthiest toilet), there's a chance she might be right. Though right now, it just seems impossible to believe, right? There's something just so immediate about the revulsion to seeing someone wearing a little face-computer. It's not like when iPhones and iPods were coming out lots of people were thinking, "No way I'd never want that." But these things, they're just bull's eyes for face-punch opportunities.

Maybe we'll all come around (we won't!), but until then, these early adopters need to be mocked with great fervor, and this clip serves that purpose winningly.


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: h/t Valleywag | The Daily Show