Charly the police horse got a surprise on Tuesday: butt graffiti.

There are many things I would not like to discover on my ass. This is one of them.
(via CBS2)

While working "crime suppression detail" on Venice Beach on Tuesday, Charly the police horse ended his shift with more than just a sense of self-satisfaction for a job well done — he also had silver graffiti on his hindquarters. Police are currently searching for the suspect.

I have a couple of things to say, Mr. or Ms. horse tagger. First of all, why are you tagging a horse, dude? Do you think it'll be like one of those mobile billboards for your tag? And that horse was on the goddamn job. Being at work already sucks. Can you imagine what it would be like if someone came to your dumb job and tagged you while you were working?

Sources: LA Times