Before you waste twenty minutes, no, there are no typos in this. The Internet looked.

I feel very awkward writing this right now, because I'm pretty sure that Caroline is out there, judging me. Was that too many commas? I'm freaking out.

Anyway, Caroline here is offering her services as a copyeditor to the students of an as-yet-unidentified university (she appears to be a graduate student in Physics, however), and inevitably, her profanity-laden sales pitch about why grammar-challenged students need to hire her made its way to reddit. Needless to say, they fell head-over-heels for her correct punctuation, her take-no-guff attitude, and her cat. One commenter did say that they know her, and that her cat's name is Niels (as in Bohr, as in the giant of Big Girl Physics). In short, there are a lot of nerds out there looking for transfer applications to wherever-this-is so they can bring a purposefully error-filled essay to her place. 

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