Displaying the antique gun collection.

What's your excuse for not hitting the gym this past decade? Running late for work? Sore hammy? Well, prepare to feel like a whining failure after watching this 77-year-old squat on your sorry excuses as she power-lifts life like a champ.

Willie Murphy started competing in over-50 track and field events several years ago. Once she began incorporating weight training into her workout regimen, she says "as soon the gun went off—boom—I dust those ladies." Despite weighing only 105, Willie can deadlift 215 pounds, carry her own groceries, and rock a sleeveless camouflage T-shirt better than most dudes on the Jersey Shore. When her car gets stuck in the snow, she doesn't need a tow truck, she just needs people to step out of her way while she clean-and-jerks it back into action.

Sources: Reddit