These two twenty-somethings are engaged, in love, and ready to voluntarily fast-forward through the fun, young portions of their lives.

In this video from Field Day and Cut, Tavis and Kristie are transformed with makeup to show what they'll look like at various ages in their lives.

It's not mentioned in the video, but they also get dressed up in different clothes and hairstyles for each time period. In her fifties, Kristie wears a black shift, blazer, and funky-but-appropriate gold jewelry, so she is clearly a middle-aged business woman. Which is perfect because fifties Tavis is wearing a tie. In their seventies, the pair is wrapped in layers upon layers, probably because they get chilled so easily at their age. In their nineties, they're both basically wearing pajamas, I guess because they can't make it far from their bed anymore. That's fine, but I do hope we have some interesting, space-age pajama developments over the next 60 years.

Sources: Mashable