How hard did you rock this weekend? Probably not as hard as Dave Grohl and Michael Clifford.

Fractured bone. Burn victim. These two play HARD. (via Twitter/Twitter)

Dave Grohl and Michael Clifford were both seriously injured mid-performance this weekend, and that is probably the only thing these two men will ever have in common. Sure, they're both guitarists for bands that begin with the letter F, but the Venn Diagram of Foo Fighters fans and Five Seconds Of Summer fans are two circles with about a mile of space between them.

While performing in Sweden on Friday, Dave Grohl took a righteous tumble, breaking his Rock-and-Roll-Hall-of-Fame-inducted-leg. And he kept performing! Medical staff temporarily patched him up so they could finish the show, but when he went to the hospital later, x-rays confirmed he had broken his leg.

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