Bang With Friends says bye to the "LIke" button, hi to the "Let's Touch Genitals" button.

Today's newest technology advance to make us regret being married is Bang With Friends, and it's on track to make sure everyone on Facebook has the same venereal disease. The app lets you go through your friends and select which ones you'd like to have sex with, and if one of your selected friends has also selected you, an email is sent to both of you with orders to meet in the nearest alley and shove yourselves inside each other. And no one will never know you're on it unless you've both selected each other for intercourse. We'd say it's brilliant, but it's kind of way beyond that. Social networking technology is now one giant step closer to allowing intercourse to occur without any effort whatsoever on either party. Soon we will be able to just suddenly find ourselves in the act of coitus with a desired partner. Romance is dead. The future is now.

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