Get busy living, or get busy sitting in a bathroom all weekend. 
(Image courtey India Perrin via ABC News)

Meet Karen Perrin. When she found herself locked inside her office ladies room while working until around 10 pm on a Friday night, she could have curled herself up into the fetal position and waited for someone to set her free on Monday morning. But, no! But like a real-life Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption, she set her mind to escape.

The claustrophobic Perrin had unfortunately left her cell phone resting uselessly atop her desk, so she could count on no one for help but herself. After a few failed attempts at escape and several hours trapped in that tiny stagnant air-filled room, she discovered a 3-foot rod which she used to chisel her way through the wall. "I thought about Shawshank Redemption," she told ABC News of the two hours she spent digging her way back to freedom.

Sources: ABC News | h/t Gawker