In Idaho, a good samaritan saved a man from plunging off a 30-foot cliff.

Way to go, dude. (Barry Kough/Livingston Tribune)

True stories of heroism don't come along every day. That's part of why they're so satisfying. And when someone captures them in an amazing dramatic photograph, that's even better.

That's what happened in this story out of Lewiston, Idaho. Jason Warnock was driving beneath Bryden Canyon when he saw debris on the road. Sensing that something was amiss, he followed the road up to the top of the canyon, where he found Mathew Sitko's truck on the edge of the 30-foot cliff, held back by nothing but a strained chain-link fence. He got out and approached the car, first trying to break the passenger-side window with a Leatherman tool before convicing Sitko to roll it down. Sitko was badly shaken up, but Warnock managed to pull him out of the window and get him to safety.

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