Even if you think your teachers aren't reading your work, here's some advice: don't call them "basically retarded."

Also, does nobody write in paragraphs anymore? (via)

Redditor dxidaniel posted this paper from a schoolmate who thought his teacher wasn't reading his homework. Obviously, the teacher was. Here's what the kid put in the middle of the paper, which is the text bracketed above in red:

Overall this paper was completely pointless and was retarded that it had to be a zero point five margin and I hope I never take bio again. My teacher is basically retarded and it seems as if he copies and pastes everything he writes. And obviously he never checks what we do in our work because I'm writing this fool. Way to put a foundation of this subject in us you fool. Now everyone in your class hates you. Great job and keep working on that ecosystem teaching thing or whatever.
Sources: Reddit