This is actually how our gym teacher demonstrated the miracle of conception.

According to the redditor who posted this, as well as several concurring alumni in the comments section, this is a gym teacher who is retiring at the end of the school year. (We know his name, but we feel weird saying it). Anyone who has stepped into a high school gymnasium has experienced the exquisite agony of getting a ball stuck in the ceiling. Usually, the solution is to keep hurling more balls at it until it comes down or the other balls get stuck in which case one must throw more balls. This day, however, Mr. Gym Teacher apparently decided to do what he's probably fantasized about for years (aside from beating the snot out of punk kids). This seems like it would puncture the ball (even with a rubber-tipped arrow) but it's not like that's any less cool. And in today's hyper-sensitive "let's not play with weapons around kids" culture, he'd probably get fired if he wasn't retiring. It's good to be old.

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