A senior prank blows up in the pranksters' faces, and now they face up to 2 years in jail.

Next time, use digital alarm clocks. (via Thinkstock)

A farewell prank may land two teens from Statesville, North Carolina, in prison.

Shannon Farrell and Lekia Hall, both 18, had a great idea for a senior prank: fill the unused lockers throughout South Iredell High School with lots of alarm clocks all set to go off at different times. Hysterical, right? Farrell's father Dan thought so, too, when he heard about the planned prank. That's dads for you, though. Laughing at really funny, inadvisable ideas.

On Tuesday morning, the pair busted the zip ties keeping the vacant lockers closed, filled each one with a ticking alarm clock, and then closed up the locker with their own locks. Sounds pricey, but I guess any good prank is going to incur a few expenses. However, once classes started, the hallways were full of the sounds of ticking. Lots of ticking.

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