He knows president isn't an elected position, right?

President Michael Benson might just get the EKU Colonels promoted to Generals.
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Eastern Kentucky University student Devan Dannelly was feeling pretty snow-bound after Kentucky was hit by the huge storms that affected much of the eastern U.S. last week, so the senior criminal justice major took to Twitter to tell the university president, Michael Benson, what it would take for him to come to class.

What Devan forgot is that occasionally, people involved in higher education are actually invested in their students and communities, like EKU president Michael Benson. "I tweeted back asking for his address," Benson told the Richmond Register. "He probably didn't expect me to show up."

Warm up the bus, you're about to get schooled.

Devan almost certainly didn't expect Benson to show up, because when he did (along with a friend who saw the tweets), the only person at home was Devan's mother.

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