Shhhh.... don't tell anyone I got Monica to go down on me, too. (via Fox 32 Chicago)

It's an ad in Chicago for "Ashley Madison." You know, that website you go on to cheat on your spouse, or to catch your spouse cheating, depending.

Sure, they got some tepid word-play out of the name of Hillary's book, Hard Choices (what do they mean, "harder?" "Harder" as in it is harder to keep your husband faithful than it is to make decisions about Benghazi? Or "harder" as in the turgidity of a penis that’s about to mouth fuck an intern?), but she’s the worst choice for a website that promotes cheating. She was the victim in one of the most famous cheating scandals of all time, it’s like using Seabiscuit to promote glue.

Sources: Fox 32 Chicago | h/t BuzzFeed