If Hillary did this in 1995 when 'Forrest Gump' won best picture, does that mean Michelle Obama will do a parody of 'Birdman'?

If you haven't heard of it, the Gridiron Club is a prestigious journalists' organization based in Washington, D.C. Each year they have a big gala dinner that typically features a combination of satirical sketches and remarks from the President of the United States. And for 1995's Gridiron Club Dinner, Hillary Clinton filmed this Forrest Gump parody.

This thing is so wonderful and odd, I don't even know where to start. Hillary's deadpan delivery? I know she was trying to ape Forrest, but c'mon. What about how delightful it is to hear a bunch of topical political jokes from 1995 some 20 years later? Also, this has nothing to do with Hillary, but what about the outfit of the guy who sits on the bench with her?

Sources: US Magazine