I know four of these. Does that make me cool, an a-hole, or a cool a-hole? (via Priceonomics)

Hipsters love music, but they hate other people's music. Like a bird whose eggs have been touched by humans, they will even abandon long-beloved bands once suburbanites start to like it. Well, the brainy nerds (and self-professed gang of "bike-riding, IPA-sipping, vinyl-listening, Mission-loving hipsters") over at Priceonomics decided to look deeper into this trend and discover exactly where the line is drawn between acceptable hipster music and pointless mainstream trash. 

Naturally, they turned to Pitchfork, the "video" to traditional music magazines' "radio star." Pitchfork is the definitive reviewer for hipsters, but its street cred also draws an alarming number of normies. Normies, as we all know, like to go on Facebook to tell other normies about cool new bands, thus ruining bands for all the real fans.

Sources: Priceonomics