It was three good to be true. (Via Facebook

The beautiful dream we've held so dearly to her chest is over.

Jasmine Tridevil, the Tampa woman who found immediate Internet fame after claiming to be the first mentally unstable woman to have a third breast implanted between her two real ones has been exposed, and no, we don't get to see that third nipple.

Earlier today, TMZ revealed Jasmine Tridevil for the hoaxer she is. Her secret squeezed out accidentally when her luggage was stolen at an airport. According to a document retrieved from the Tampa International Airport Police Dept., a whole bunch of luggage was stolen from an American Airlines conveyor belt, including Miss Tridevil's (actual name Alisha Hessler) black nylon roller bag. The thieves were caught after being able to ID them from surveillance video, and police inspected each stolen bag as they built their case to prosecute. What was found in Tridevil's bag? Some clothes, stilettos heels, some paperwork, a hairbrush, and...

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