I bet those are henna finger tattoos.

Unless you've been on a spiritual retreat in the woods for the past week, you've probably heard of Dayna Morales, the gay Marine waitress who posted a receipt on the blog Have A Gay Day claiming that a family left her a hateful, homophobic note instead of a tip because she was gay. And unless that spiritual retreat was on a really, really high mountain, you probably heard the epic backlash that occurred when the family came forward with their copy of the restaurant receipt and a credit card statement proving that this was probably not true.


Well, it gets worse. Dayna is a big ole' liar-pants, according to coworkers, high school classmates, and pretty much anyone the Jounal News asked about her. She once shaved her head and claimed it was brain cancer, before later backtracking and saying she shaved it to support a friend with cancer. She told coworkers at a day care center that Hurricane Sandy had wrecked her home and put a boat in her living room, apparently not thinking they would stop by to help and see that only the front door had been slightly damaged. "Any tragedy that happened, she had to be a part of it," said one former co-worker, "she needed sympathy and empathy."

This is the least-impressive scam I've ever seen. (Screengrab via NBC News 4 New York)

Here's the biggest doozy: she claimed to have had a terrible back injury that would require months of time off for physical therapy. Firstly, she claimed that the injury occurred from an explosion in Afghanistan that wiped out everyone in her platoon except for her. That's right. But, on to the surgery (for now): she did send a former girlfriend (at least she's actually gay) named Samantha Reidy photos of herself seemingly in pain before claiming she made a quick recovery. Then, and this is my favorite part, she stopped talking to her girlfriend to run off with another woman to Florida where they took lots of vacation photos, before coming home and getting married to this other woman. Reidy says now that Morales "lies about everything," although to be fair so do many ex-girlfriends.

Sources: Journal News