Guess who has to buy three bridesmaid dresses?

This pic hit reddit over the weekend with the title "Engagement Season." Though it could be called, "Not playing the game." 

She will forever be known as "Vesty McSuicide, The Enemy Of Love."

If it was the gun-to-head girl who posted this pic, chances are things have backfired if she was hoping to remain single. We're betting she's been inundated with a flood of marriage proposals. Or, at least, "I'll take you to at least one of those three weddings" proposals.

In conclusion, how old are those girls? Twenty-five tops? Jesus. You should live single long enough to be disappointed by life on your own before you jump into being disappointed by the life you share with another.

Still, as engagement reactions go, it could have been worse. She could have gone the route of this lady.


(by Bob Powers)

Sources: redditor Moth_ladder