10 signs you've settled down for good.

10 signs you've settled down for good.

1. You own a bedskirt.


Say all you want about dust bunnies, deep down you know this is an unnecessary decoration that you didn't even know existed when you were in college.

2. You consume more than 2 hours of HGTV per day.


You're not really watching it, it's just on in the background. And if you happen to subliminally absorb some creative centerpiece ideas, then SO BE IT!

3. You own decorations for every holiday.


It's November already? Time to take down the Halloween pumpkin decorations and put up the Thanksgiving pumpkin decorations.

4. You know who the Barefoot Contessa is.


(via Community Table)

And you love her.


5. Your cell phone background is a picture of your kids.


Or your dogs, or your cats, or – in the most critical cases – all three.

6. You browse real estate listings for fun.


There was a time when you would have had no idea what a good price-per-square-foot was in your neighborhood. That time is gone.


7. You subscribe to magazines.


Like, actual physical magazines.

8. You own more furniture than will fit in your car.


When the bed you sleep in does not does not fold up or de-inflate, you are staying put.


9. Your Facebook newsfeed is full of ads for couches.


Algorithms don't lie. Facebook knows reckless behavior and irresponsible spending are not in the equation for you anymore.

10. "I don't feel like putting on pants" is your standard reason for not going out.


Are you wearing pants right now? You're not, are you? It's okay. Kick back on your large, immovable bed and enjoy it.