This sweet 8-year-old kid's dad showed up on Picture Day to surprise him with a photobomb.

Does he get to retake the photo? (screengrab via Youtube)

8-year-old Joshua attends Pearsontown Magnet Elementary in Durham, North Carolina. His dad, Corporal James Bass, had been deployed in Kuwait for months and away from home for a year. When he finally got leave, the Corporal decided to surprise his son by photobombing his school photo.

In the video below, the photographer shows Joshua the photo, and Joshua totally does not get it. The photographer finally has to be like, "Turn around, your dad's here."

The sweetest part, aside from their hug, is that Joshua tells his dad "You've still got it," which is the nicest thing you can say to a dad, military or civilian.

Sources: Soldier Boy on YouTube | ABC 11