His other bumper sticker says, "Marriage is between a man and his truck."

According to Redditor Putagatita, whose dad probably also wouldn't approve of her racy handle, her dad's response when she introduced him to her girlfriend was to yell at them. A lot. Especially her girlfriend, who started to cry. Like any good girlfriend, Putagatita sided with her lady and decided to get back at her dad by putting this bumper sticker on his extremely heterosexual truck. He still hasn't noticed, but we're sure when he does they'll both have a good laugh, and he'll take the two women out to dinner, and his loving example will change opinions in his town, which will change opinions across the country and around the globe until anyone can choose to be with whomever they love without fear of judgment or reprisal. Because that is the power of the bumper sticker.

Sources: Redditor Putagatita