Yeah, no one else came away with that being the lesson, but A for effort!

So, Ann Coulter sucks. That was settled a while ago. But last night she proved she even sucks at the one thing she's supposed to be good at, which is finding the hyper-conservative, controversial angle on any argument or issue. Here's what she came up with for last night's finale of Breaking Bad.

"#BreakingBad shows the importance of having a gun in the home.  #BreakingBadFinale"

Really? Where exactly did it show that importance? Near the end, [SPOILERS] when the Nazi's "home" or clubhouse, which doubled as a veritable arsenal for guns, was shot to shit by a single gun stored outside in the trunk of a conveniently parked car? In Lydia's house, where she might have been able to shoot the Ricin out of her veins? 

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