This video puts each horse's performance in the Belmont Stakes side-by-side.

American Pharaoh's historic Triple Crown win has breathed new life into horse racing. The sport is more popular than it's been in decades – that is to say, slightly popular. No horse has won the Triple Crown since Affirmed in 1978, but Affirmed was actually the third horse to win in the 70s. The first was the legendary Secretariat, widely considered the finest racehorse of the 20th Century.

So how would American Pharaoh do if he were racing against Secretariat? Thanks to this Wall Street Journal video, we can compare their performances in the Belmont Stakes side-by-side. As it turns out, American Pharaoh would have gotten his ass kicked. In fact, Secretariat's time (2:24) is still a Belmont record. American Pharaoh's 2:26.65 time is pretty weak in comparison. Two and a half seconds?! That's an eternity in the sport of kings. Move over American Phony, Secretariat is the man (horse).

Sources: The Wall Street Journal