A baby horse cuddle-attacked this lady and made me wonder: What are we all doing with our lives?

This girl is living the dream. When she yells, "This is the best day of my life!" you know it's true.

Horses are so huggable, with their long sweet faces and gentle nuzzling for carrots. Yes, they could stomp your head in, but not in this world. In this world adorable foals want to be hugged all day, the air smells like apple blossoms and no one ever grows up. Because if that horse grows up and tries to pull this level of cuddling, it would tenderize the organs of its human.

Shout-out to Mama Horse, checking in on baby horse and girl. You are also cute, but cannot be hugged like a dog, so stand aside.

Sources: Sunny Bayne | h/t Mashable