In the midst of the terrible flooding in Houston, something managed to slip through on KHOU's site: a screenshot from 'Jurassic Park' in a slideshow of viewer photos of the storm.

We are not sure if character actor Wayne Knight was actually in Houston during the flooding. (via acritely on Reddit)

If you weren't aware, Houston, TX was just hit by torrential floods which have led to at least three deaths. In this state of panic, it's not surprising that something was able to slip through the cracks at news station KHOU: a "viewer photo" of the flooding that was actually just a screenshot from the first Jurassic Park film. The image has already been removed from the site, but fortunately for us, this screengrab was caught by Reddit user acritely. Thankfully, it's not from Jurassic World, so it doesn't look like the most tasteless guerrilla marketing effort ever.

If you'd like to help the flood victims, check out this page from the Austin American Statesman that has a rundown of charities you can donate to.

Sources: Reddit