The vaseline on the lens makes this horrible room look so much younger.

A ton of our Facebook friends have been sharing the link to The Worst Room with comments like, "OMG what a bunch of trash holes!" Then we shared it here in our Manhattan office and several coworkers didn't see what the big deal was (at least one tried to click on some of the pics to see if the rooms were still available).

Your idea of what constitutes a habitable residence is one of the many deaths you suffer when you live in New York. In our years here we've lived in a windowless room, a non-private room that our roommate had to walk through to get to the kitchen, and when when we turned 33 we finally made enough money for our own roach-infested studio! So yeah, to us some of these rooms don't look half bad. As for the rest of the country, here are a whole bunch of reasons to be happy with the choices you've made.

Sources: The Worst Room on Tumblr